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Zimno miiiiiiiiiiiiii.........

Moja kochana Katia aka TreEe <3
Mam problemy z jej rysowaniem (za każdym razem wygląda inaczej)
więc motrzebuję więcej sampli z jej poprawnym wyglądem^^
(paczeć powyżej i poniżej)

Oryginalny lineart jest około 2 razy większy niż to powyżej...
SAI rządzi >w<


Beautiful, the deatails of the flowers and the soft lines gave this a unique... mmm, how explain it, something can be felt by seeing this lines =P

Is free to color? or it's a work you already finished? :3
[2011/03/10 21:50] URL | Eguiamike #- [ Edit ]

Last comment. D: I feel so abandoned. (But I'm going to comment on more anywho. (: )
I LOVE THIS! :D I openly proclaim it. (: I don't exactly know how to express it,but I think this is unique and beautiful with lots of details as usual. While you usually stick to the line of 'gentle softness' for your other works,this one is different. It has this ethereal grace to it. (: Though the shadings are pale-coloured,it gives off a rather hard and cold edge that fits this girl perfectly. I like how you zoom in further,giving us greater details. I just love it. It's beautiful,it's elegant,it's artistic,it speaks for itself how the character feels and thinks. Well done! (: I don't think I can give this art a good enough comment but this is how I feel. (:
[2011/03/12 01:37] URL | Ryuui #- [ Edit ]

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