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Chibi Zoe i Zack....

Dzieciaki są w drodze XD


(Najłatwiejsze za mną... >w<)



ojeny znowu shoty <3 powinnas miec shota party a nie tea xD weeeeeee wygladaja jakby sie lubili o3o lubia sie? owo?
[2011/03/10 21:50] URL | Movi #- [ Edit ]

Your lines are so clean! How do you do it? I wish I could get my art to look as nice as yours. <3

Your characters are adorable. They look so happy to have those gifts!
[2011/03/11 00:29] URL | Code Sumeragi #- [ Edit ]

I just love your character designs. They are so cute and colorful!
What program do you use for coloring? I use Photoshop CS4 btw. :)
[2011/03/14 10:38] URL | Aerehs #- [ Edit ]

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