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SPLEEN Backgrounds
Some concept bgs for my manga SPLEEN


ej weź ty się 030 co to za krajobrazy maja byc, jak takie cosie sie robi ; o ;Monia smuteczki ; o ;
[2011/03/10 21:40] URL | Movi #- [ Edit ]

These are really breath taking! I'm envious! I wish I could draw scenery like that. Did you reference pictures or draw completely from imagination?
[2011/03/11 00:26] URL | Code Sumeragi #- [ Edit ]

Personally one of my favorites. The details put into each background along with the different angles. Did you just makes these up or use references?

Either way, you make me want to visit these places. :)
[2011/03/11 01:12] URL | Celia-Alva #- [ Edit ]

Personally,I love this. I seen all the works put up here but this one really called out to me. Maybe because it's the only landscape art haha. (: But this is amazing. Though it's just sketches now,but it is really detailed finely and looks almost life-like. I especially love the bottom right. I love how you make use of the sunlight to blend in with the shadows. It makes it seem so life-like! (: I love it,it's amazing beyond words. (I need to find a dictionary to express the words I'm feeling now. XD) It's another artistic and elegant feat. Congratulations! (:
[2011/03/12 01:28] URL | Ryuui #- [ Edit ]

This is so beautiful! Wow even your sketches are detailed. I love the color you used for this, the blue really sets the mood. I would love to see this colored. Your perspectives are spot on! Sorry I was an art student so I can tell.
I can't wait until SPLEEN!
[2011/03/14 10:58] URL | Aerehs #- [ Edit ]

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