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SPLEEN Bliźniaki lineart

Oto i co sie dzieje gdy Quiss chce zrobić coś większego...
Robi lineart:

i nie potrafi go pokolorować >.<
Nożwdupęno... >.>


łiiii shoty xD on go maca łiiii xD jakoś długo robisz tego arta tak btw o3o chyba ze skonczylas gdzies po drodzę a mi po prostu nie było dane zobaczyc ; o ;
[2011/03/10 21:36] URL | Movi #- [ Edit ]

will you color it? or it's alredy colored? i'd really like to see the outcome of this colored ^^
[2011/03/10 21:40] URL | Eguiamike #- [ Edit ]

Oh my gosh I want to color this so badly! Your linearts are all so clean. And your anatomy is so good! I suck at anatomy D:
I can't read the language of the title. or the little comments you make. What are the characters names?
[2011/03/14 10:49] URL | Aerehs #- [ Edit ]

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