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To dziecko zaraz skończę x'D


How much cost a commision like this? i like the lines, this is perfect to color ^^
[2011/03/10 21:40] URL | Eguiamike #- [ Edit ]

Awww this looks cute so far! The guy looks pretty devious XDD specaily since,I guess somethings supposed to be covering his eye. I want to see the final product! :D Also, what program do you use to do your lineart?
[2011/03/11 02:57] URL | Mai #- [ Edit ]

I love the details of her dress! Those ruffles are so cute, I can't even imagine me doing that. Also the guy looks good even though it's unfinished. The face kinda gives me a clue to what he would look like. May I ask what program do you use for the lines?
[2011/03/11 09:48] URL | Ayame-chaan #- [ Edit ]

Dear Quiss:
This is my 3rd comment,but I feel like it has been my 30th. XD I'm just saying that,looking through your piece,I remember why I started watching you in DeviantART. You have your style of doing things and you embrace it totally. Beautiful as always,are your arts. Though this piece have not been coloured,but it seems to me like a masterpiece in progress! (: The details are all considered carefully,from the precise wrinkles on her dress (which is a gorgeous design by the way) to the expressions on their face. For the girl,a look of joy,simple and carefree. But for the guy,I don't know,I kinda get a contradicting feeling from his expression. Somewhere torn between a smirk,a smile and an agonised look in his eyes. I don't know what you really intend for this piece,but I can tell that you do take every art seriously (with a light heart of fun,of course) and proudly produce something amazing that we all love and admire. (: Well done! (:
[2011/03/12 01:21] URL | Ryuui #- [ Edit ]

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