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więcej kolorów... Więcej Kolorów... WIĘCEJ KOLORÓW! O3O

I pokolorowany kadr z mangi + lineart xD


Wow, can't believe i didn't comment before =P
i really like your style ^^
[2011/03/10 21:38] URL | Eguiamike #- [ Edit ]

I must admit, I was a bit shocked by orihime's new hairstyle, but the way you've drawn her has helped me adjust, I like the way you colored it, the soft colors and how you can see the flower from her pin on her shirt.

Also makes me really want ice cream. >w<
[2011/03/11 01:08] URL | Celia-alva #- [ Edit ]

This was actualy the first piece I saw of yours..and it caught my attention! Well because for one, I love it when people use soft colors XD and two, I love how clean it looks ;w; I'm so jealous
[2011/03/11 02:20] URL | Mai #- [ Edit ]

I love this drawing for many reasons. First, the colour choice is great, orangish+pinkish pastels… ummm! :) I love them, they Hime look so warm and so soft. Then, you have managed to apply subtle sparks and shadows, creating relief without creating drama, which is perfect here. What else? I do like the overall roundness of the lineart, the ambiguity of the pupil-less eyes, that subtle smile and how the hair falls over the chest. Congratulations :)
[2011/03/11 09:02] URL | Charlie #- [ Edit ]

Wow, those comments are so long. Anyway, this is such a lovely picture of Orihime. I think it really portrays her character. You know, being sweet and all. That popsicle and the heart were nice finishing touches. ;)
[2011/03/11 09:42] URL | Ayame-chaan #- [ Edit ]

Wow,this is just simply beautiful! (: I'm not just saying that. I love the clean lines,the colouring and your style! (: I wish I can draw and colour like you,but unfortunately,I have no artistic talents. D: (My first apple was coloured purple.)
I love the soft shading and gentleness of this art. Overall,it's just a very job-well-done! (: It's simple but elegant. Congratulations and well done! (: You did great with this piece!
[2011/03/12 01:09] URL | Ryuui #- [ Edit ]

lol, At first I was like, "OMG she looks like Orihime" !
Now I see that she is. :) Very cute, I love your style of drawing.
hehe, she's holding a popcicle. It looks kind of like you know the kingdom hearts characters eat the blue popcicle. :D
[2011/03/14 10:42] URL | Aerehs #- [ Edit ]

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