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Handmade *o*
Poznajcie Limonia i Cytrusie moje nowe dzieci <333

David Michel Eguia Alanis
haha, very cute, i'd like to know how you made them, i want to do one for my gf =P
[2011/03/10 21:36] URL | Eguiamike #- [ Edit ]

a ja je macałam ahahaha xD gdyby cytrusia była shotą to bym ją zabrała ukradkiem do wora :>
[2011/03/10 21:36] URL | Movi #- [ Edit ]

You actually made these! WOW!
I wish I could actually do things like that! They are really cute. Do you plan on making more of them?
[2011/03/11 00:24] URL | Code Sumeragi #- [ Edit ]

These are so well done. Did you use polymer clay?

The small detail to the limes and the faces, very nice~
[2011/03/11 01:07] URL | Celia-Alva #- [ Edit ]

These look like you can buy them in the store! Your good at making hand made things! You should sell them :P
[2011/03/11 03:02] URL | Mai #- [ Edit ]

Are these erasers? Or keychains? They're really adorable! Maybe you should sell them someday? I'd definitely buy a pair. owo
[2011/03/11 09:55] URL | Ayame-chaan #- [ Edit ]

:O Is that like Lime Onigiri!!! So cute! I want to eat them! lol
Man, the details in the lime pieces look so real. Have you ever thought about making like jewelry out of them? It could be like a tiny tiny onigiri and a little lime on a cute little chain. :3 That would be awesome.
[2011/03/14 10:46] URL | Aerehs #- [ Edit ]

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