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Blea chapter 481
Well this is colored card from manga
(newest chapter)...

and more

Hello, i really love your colorspread of Inoue. It's gorgeous.
Sorry for being abrupt. Would you mind sending me the render, if you can?. The thing is that i want to make a signature with it.
Thank you very much.
[2012/02/17 20:45] URL | Andres #- [ Edit ]

Re: Andres
Well what do U mean by render? Bigger file? or maybe without bg?
U can click on image and it will direct U to larger version, then just save it and if it comes to art without bg then here:
[2012/02/17 21:06] URL | QuissDAboss #- [ Edit ]

Thank you very much for replying and for the image. Yes, i was talking about Inoue without the background.
[2012/02/18 02:07] URL | Andres #- [ Edit ]

Will you do the complete colorspread of that page? I mean with Ichigo Ishida and Chad. It'll be great if you do :)
[2012/02/18 02:14] URL | Skiltron Kham #- [ Edit ]

Re: Skiltron Kham
I plan to but it not only takes coloring but drawing lineart above since quality of manga scans. Probably will do but need some more time^^ And I wont post it on mt dA for sure (I'll be posting it here and on FLOL forum and probably on zerochan ;D)
[2012/02/18 13:17] URL | QuissDAboss #- [ Edit ]

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