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OMG new fav pairing!
Havent got new one in a while.. >w<
Today I saw all 9 episodes of Ginga E Kickoff!! ongoing sport anime
(I don't watch sport animes and this one is about football - last time I saw one it I was in grade school - but whatever I saw it's co-ed team and we have EURO right now...)
I must say it's SOOOOO CUTE and nice anime!
Totally underrated!
I love everyone but Reika THE MOST!
She's that chubby girl but she's more moe and cute than any other 'moe-wanna-be' anime character this days x'D ...well from the very first opening we can see she'll loose weight sooner or later but I already love her and actually her chubby look xD
And I ship her with Kota soo much too <3
dawwwwwwwww... new fandom!


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