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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Bom się dowiedziała, ze ostatnio nic nie wrzucam na blogax'D
I pare chibików z commisionów,
które mnie nękają xD


jeeeeny jak mi sie podoba ta 2 w kapeluszu jaka ma slodka mine <rozrywa na kawaleczki i zjada> : D' weeeeee tinierme weeeeee zapomnialam calkiem o zbieraniu robotow, dobrze, ze mi przypomnialas xD'
[2011/03/10 21:43] URL | Movi #- [ Edit ]

Oh I love this. Your colouring is absolutely awesome. I love those shades on the skin. It has a nice effect. Oh and I love those chibis! ;3
[2011/03/11 09:56] URL | Ayame-chaan #- [ Edit ]

What can I say? Maybe you might think I'm repeating in my comments,but I truly think this is your signature style. Something that says "QUISS THE AWESOME DID THIS!". (: Soft shading,clean and gentle lines,a wonderful concept that came into becoming a wonderful art. (: I adore this as well. Adorable but not too overly fluffy with a cute, humorous trace of 'danger'. (Eek,knife.) Well done,once more! (:
[2011/03/12 01:15] URL | Ryuui #- [ Edit ]

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